Culinary Arts


The Culinary Arts Program will introduce you to the field of professional cooking through classwork, hands-on projects, demonstrations, practical skills development and daily production for our school cafeteria. Safety and sanitation, tools and equipment, basic cooking methods, soup and sauce production, basic baking and pastry work, meats and poultry, menu planning, kitchen management, and cold food production are all covered throughout the three years in Culinary Arts.

The training you receive here will focus on developing strong basic culinary skills and an ability to work in a clean and organized manner. The program will appeal to students with creativity, physical stamina, good manual dexterity, the ability to work under tight timelines and a willingness to taste and experiment with many different and unfamiliar foods.

Each student will be required to purchase a chef&'s hat for $6.00. All students are required to wear hairnets and hats, and for safety reasons, to always wear long pants and closed toed shoes while in our kitchen.

Career opportunities in the hospitality and tourism industry are available around the world and this expansion is expected to continue into the foreseeable future. There is presently a tremendous demand for skilled and talented chefs, cooks, bakers and managers, meaning you may find work in this field almost anywhere in the world you might want to live. A Culinary Arts student may become an Apprentice cook and may aspire to become a Chef de Partie, a Sous Chef, an Executive Chef, a Pastry Chef, Baker, Breadmaker or Chocolatier, a Research Chef, a Maitre&'d or Sommelier, a restaurant owner or manager, a Hotel Manager or a TV Chef.