Electrical Trades Technology

 Electrical Industry

The course provides detailed training in the many aspects of the electrical industry.

Electrical and electronic technology has made great advances. During the 20th century we have seen our nation's economic well-being become more and more related to the use of electric energy. We can expect that the demands for increased use of industrial and domestic power will continue to grow. This means an ever-increasing requirement for trained technicians who have had sound, intensive, technical training in the many aspects of the electrical industry. The program will take the student from the very basics to the more complex and involved principles of electricity. The courses will provide detailed training in the many aspects of the electrical industry and will provide a continuing series of experiments on modern electrical educational test equipment.

The program will be flexible in that students may choose from the various fields of the electrical industry, one that best suits their interests and capabilities. They will be allowed to concentrate on furthering their knowledge and will be given individual guidance and assistance in this area. Calculations are of significant importance in electrical theory and candidates should have received a mark of 70% or higher in Grade 9 mathematics. The Electrical/Electronics program is designed specifically for those planning a career in the electrical industry. However, this major is also a practical asset to anyone. Graduates may find employment with power companies, electrical contractors, electrical/electronic equipment manufacturers, electrical/ electronic distributors, appliance repair companies or any industrial company that makes use of electrical/electronic equipment and machinery. This Electrical/Electronics program has Manitoba Education and Training Accreditation. Any individual who successfully completes this program with a passing grade of 70% or more, and registers as an Electrical Construction Apprentice within two years of completing this program will be granted Educational Credit for level I of their apprenticeship.