Human Ecology


"Human Ecology is the study of people and their needs with a focus on family"


Human Ecology is the study of people and their needs with a family focus. This program major focuses on human development and human relationships in three main subject areas: 1) Food and Nutrition; 2) Family Studies; and 3) Clothing, Housing and Design. Human Ecology is for students who, in their chosen careers, plan to work with people. Students who complete a Human Ecology major may choose from a variety of fields to further their education. Human Ecology majors may become teachers, doctors, social workers, child care workers, speech therapists, dieticians and fashion designers. Family Studies 40S, Food and Nutrition 40S and Clothing, Housing and Design 40S are accepted for entrance requirements in some university faculties.

Human Ecology majors must select 2 subject areas and take a minimum of 2 courses in each area. (Food and Nutrition, Family Studies, and Clothing, Housing & Design). Two additional Human Ecology courses must be selected between Grade 9 and Grade 12. FA40 must be taken by all Human Ecology program majors in Grade 12. A minimum of 7 credits in Human Ecology's required to complete a Human Ecology major.

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