Social Studies

Social Studies

Social Studies

The social studies department at the "Comp" offers a wide variety of compulsory and optional courses.

Grade 10

  • Students are required to take the Geographic Issues of the 21st Century course.

Grade 11

  • Students are required to take Canadian History.

Grade 12

  • There are no mandatory course selections for students. The Social Studies department offers 6 optional courses, 5 at the grade 12 level including Current Topics in First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Studies, Global Issues: Citizenship and Sustainability, History of Western Civilization, Sociology, or World Geography, as well as American History at the grade 10 level. Students can apply to take Social Studies optional courses at any time, but may be subject to grade level availability.

We encourage all students who want to gain a better perspective of the world around them and who would like to become more active citizens in society to choose one of our grade 12 options.